2000 Summer Girls,

Deep Inside , Sometimes We Cry, Hella Good, Space Cowboy, Rock Your Body,

  2003 Can't stop Thinking of You, Don't Know Why, Cold Cold Hart, Miss Independent, Heart of Mine, Meanstreak, Low Rider,

  2004 Tender Love, Nobody Nows, Heartbrake Radio, Thriller, Ass, Brezze, Breew, She is Too Good for Me, On Brodway, Chifffon, Cowboy, Like You, Star People, Prayer,
           Set MeFree, Told Me, American Woman,

  2005 Holly Mother, Happy Bearthday, Respect, Walk Away, Addicted to Love, All for Love, Worlds Apart, Nobody Knows

  2006 No Good, Britney, Drives me Crazy, Fill You Up, Having Fun, Quincy, Rain, Two of Us, Together we Can, Wisdom

  2007 American Girls, Cream, Kravitz, Facess, Cross your Mind, Chain Chain Chain, Tequilla, I saw the Light, Cheatten, Zucchero, Dives Me Crazy, One Night of Sin,

  2008 Bully, Love is like a River, Be Bop a Lula, Shausha, You Need Me, Happy Bearthday 2, God Must Have, You Better Watch Out

  2009 Bad, Hot Legs, Send for Me, Wisdom, Unforgiven, Stroke, Kiss, Chardash, Rudolph, Down to the River

  2010 Me and You, Vogue, Night Comes, Chuck do It, Too Much, Vision, Understanding, Want your Sex, ZZ Top

  2011 Lick, Material Girl, Afraid of You, Blame, You are My Joy, I don't Care, Night Comes, Crazy, Tell Me Something, Touch of Heaven, Now or Ever

  2012 America Beautiful, Born in America, America, Living in America, Right Thing, Good Foot, Maxwell Hummer, When I am 64, Drive your Car, The Way You Do

  2013 Left Me, Walking the Dog, Marry Lu, Tango, My Time, Claps, Knock on Wood, What Good I am, For You, I can't Stop Loving You, Sympatique,

  2014 Big Band, Got That Look, Diet Coke, Red Box, Lobby, Vell Dance, Big Thing, Redemption, Many Miles

  2015 Valentino, Give Me something, Free Me, One Day You Will, Welcome You, Seduced,

  2016 Black Magic Woman, The way I Feel, Queen of California, Spell on You, You Better Watch Out, Christmas Blues, Blue Blue¬†Christmas,

  2017 All She Wants, Man of the World, Ragtime, White Bird

  2018 Yolanda, Lolita, Lilly, Lalka

  2020  Sweet Child of Mine, Be Easy, Honey Pie, Sitting in the Rain, New Year's Eve,

  2021  L-O-V-E,  SugagrSugar, Coco Gabana,  Brown Eyes Blues, Like a Flower, Holliday, 

  2022  And I Love Her, Lay Down Sally,

  2005 All for Love

  2009 Stroke

  2012 The Beatles, America

  2013  Pony Club

  2014 Red Box,  Christmas

  2015 Addicted to Love

  2016 007 - frag.

  2017 DOORS - frag.

  2018 Hot Summer Night - frag.


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